MACOB ONLINE SHOPPING LTD  Organic artisanal Skin care products for women, grooming and supplements  for men. Macob delivers Tropical Nature to your door step.


OUR PRODUCTS range are made in Martinique and Guadeloupe island on the caribbean coast. Where it is rich in natural resources such as fruits ,vegetable, plants and tropical forest. The habitant of the island have master the craft to turning fruits, plants in to a beauty product, medicine or cooking oil.

It has been practiced for centuries. Their technique help all the natural active ingredients to remain in the product, as opposed of too highly manipulated ones in the market. Which make it a far higher quality in visible results on the immediate and long term of usage.



Experiencing eczema, as a young girl, after giving up on all the doctor medicine and started using her local natural oil to clean and moisturise my skin and saw my eczema and some wrinkles fading away. Since then tried different natural product and can up with a winning combination that shows visible and lasting results within the first.


OUR INGREDIENTS: Mango Butters, Aloes Vera Avocado, coconut oils, Moringa, and other tropical Super greens. I

Their unique quality  is all our products are made with natural fruits and plants from the island. with a low manipulation of the raw ingredients to preserve the active ingredients and give the skin the nourishment its needs to fight signs of pollution.


NOTE: Product Lifecycle varies between 6 to 12 months once open.


SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: At Macob we consider it our duty to act in the best interests of their environments and society as a whole. We sponsor children Orphanage.   Discover more


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